Burberry DETAILS RTW Spring 2019
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The brand has been included in the textiles, apparel and luxury goods sector for the fourth consecutive year.

The Dow Jones Index is considered a benchmark for investors who integrate sustainability considerations into their decision-making and investments.

The inclusion in the rankings comes despite news earlier this year that Burberry set fire to £28m of surplus fashion and cosmetics stock in a bid to guard against counterfeiting. Earlier this month, it said it would stop the practice in future.

Leanne Wood, Burberry’s chief people, strategy and corporate affairs officer said: “We are incredibly proud to be the leading luxury brand in the 2018 Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

“At Burberry, we are passionate about finding ways to be socially and environmentally responsible in everything we do, from investing in the communities at the heart of our business to creating innovative ways to tackle the most pressing issues faced by our industry.

“We will continue to expand these efforts as we work towards our responsibility goals to 2022 and beyond.”

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