Exclusive service
The ‘Exclusive Service’ is our recommended talent acquisition solution. Our professional experience confirms this as the most time efficient and cost effective service providing high calibre luxury professionals fitting the client’s requisite criteria. The Exclusive Service engages J. Alexander to provide talent acquisition services exclusively to the client whilst offering reduced consultancy charges compared to our standard terms of business.

Providing a consultative service, a meeting with a designated Talent Acquisition Specialist of J. Alexander is held to ascertain details of the resource requirement and specific client objectives. During the consultation an extensive project plan is comprised specific to the requirement whether it be a singular vacancy or a high volume campaign such as a store opening.

Our Talent Acquisition Team utilise our industry specific database to conduct detailed searches and with access to online tools our consultants can directly head hunt candidates as required. All candidates are screened prior to being submitted. The clients’ values are always respected throughout the process and confidentiality issues are firmly adhered to. Candidates are fully briefed on every role and instructed to complete thorough brand and company research prior to attending interviews.

Standard service
As a specialist within the luxury market, J. Alexander ensures that all services provided to our clients remain consistently exceptional. The ‘Standard Service’ refers to the standard terms of business which differs from the Exclusive terms in respect of the discounted rates offered for exclusivity agreements. The ‘Standard of Service’ however, remains paramount. We promise that professionalism, quality and integrity are reflected throughout the recruitment process at all times, and that only the best available candidates are submitted for the perusal of our clients.