Terms and conditions

The J. Alexander Refer a Friend scheme constitutes the entire agreement between the parties which includes but is not limited to the below.

  • Excludes candidates currently registered with J. Alexander
  • No monetary alternative is available
  • Referrals must be made to J. Alexander before or at registration (of the referred candidate) - referrals made at a later stage may not be valid
  • To qualify for a reward, your referred friend must be referred and placed within a 12 month period
  • We can only accept referrals for people already working in the UK, or those who are eligible to work in the UK
  • J. Alexander reserves the right to offer an alternative reward of the same value at any time

"Harrods Limited" ("Harrods") is unrelated to "J. Alexander" and does not endorse or recommend its promotion/competition. This promotion/competition is managed, controlled and administered by "J. Alexander" and any correspondence concerning this promotion should be directed to "J. Alexander" and not to "Harrods".